18:23, September 15, 2020

EMERCOM employees raised the 30th Anniversary flag on Elbrus

Employees of the EMERCOM Main Office Russia for the Murmansk Region climbed to the top of Elbrus.

Many employees of the Rmergency Department test their strength climbing to the highest points of our planet

The conquest of the main peak of Russia and Europe - Mount Elbrus - was chosen by the employees of the EMERCOM Main Office for the Murmansk Region, Kirill Kravets and Ivan Petrovsky. Together with Nikolay Bazhenov, a colleague from 35 Search and Rescue Unit for St. Petersburg, they climbed to a height of 5642 m above sea level, in order to raise the EMERCOM of Russia flag over the country in this significant year of the 30th Anniversary of the Department.

One of the most difficult and wild routes was chosen for the ascent to the western peak. For 14 days, without any connection with civilization, the daredevils moved towards the goal. We spent the night in tents, crossed gorges, passes, and even overcame a glacier!

In overcoming difficulties, character is formed, team spirit and the ability to make the right decisions in the most difficult conditions are developed - important qualities for employees of the EMERCOM of Russia. And this time our colleagues again proved it not in words, but in deeds, courageously conquering one of the most difficult heights of the world!

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