18:10, July 30, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia took part in the work of the BRICS countries on disaster risk management

On July 30, the Russian Emergencies Ministry hosted a meeting of the BRICS working group on disaster risk management chaired by Oleg Manuylo, Director of the Civil Defence and Population Protection Department.

Representatives of the emergency departments of Brazil, India, China, South Africa, as well as the central office of the Russian Emergencies Ministry took part in the videoconference.

Representatives of the delegations made reports on the use of modern information technologies as the main tool for preventing emergencies, and also shared their experience in organizing interaction of fire and rescue units.

“The rapid acceleration of global processes associated with climate change on Earth, as well as progress in technology, lead to an increase in the growth trends in the number and scale of catastrophes and disasters, - Oleg Manuilo said, opening the meeting. "Such changes require us to develop and improve high-tech systems for the prevention and elimination of emergencies."

According to the information presented at the meeting by the Main Department of "the National Crisis Management" of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, thanks to preventive measures in the past year, it was possible to significantly minimize risks and, as a result, reduce material damage. In the Far East alone in 2019, the damage was reduced by 5 billion rubles.

Modern technologies used by the EMERCOM of Russia make it possible to simulate the development of the current situation and implement effective management decisions.

For early forecasting of emergency situations, the department uses over 180 information systems. For example, in 2019, the automated state Unified State System of Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations system has already begun to work permanently. The sysytem contains more than 780 thousand passports of territories and facilities indicating possible man-made and natural risks. Also in the past year the software “Atlas of Natural and Technogenic Hazards and Risks” was developed. The Russian colleagues shared their experience of using the space monitoring system to simulate situations and predict consequences.

Today, the Department is implementing an integrated approach to solving problems of preventing emergencies within the framework of a single information space that combines the resources of federal and regional executive authorities, as well as local governments.

As noted by the Russian side, the technical basis of the control system is communication. To organize communication in the territories of the BRICS countries during emergency response, mobile communication centers are effective. High mobility makes it possible to equip them in areas of search and rescue operations. For its part, the EMERCOM of Russia expressed its readiness to share the experience of organizing communications during emergency response.

During the international meeting, the parties confirmed their intention for further cooperation aimed at strengthening capacities to combat disasters and reduce risks.

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