08:56, July 08, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia congratulates the families of employees of the Department on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

On July 8, in Russia the Day of family, love and fidelity is celebrated. This holiday is dedicated to the feast day of the holy prince Peter and his wife Fevronia. Meetings in the EMERCOM service also often lead to the creation of strong families. In the Russian Emergencies Ministry, such families exist in almost every region of the country, and common service tasks provide a special level of mutual understanding.

 So, the service in the Department Vladimir and Olesya Pokrovsky from Tambov met and created the family. 17 years ago, Vladimir Pokrovskikh fell in love at first sight with a new employee of the department, almost immediately the couple played a wedding. The wedding day coincided with the shift day. Immediately after registration of marriage, the young arrived in their hometown, where they were congratulated by colleagues. For 17 years, Olesya and Vladimir have been working on the same guard and raising two daughters. “This is family life 24/7,” Olesya Pokrovsky says.

In 2020, the family of veterans of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Udmurt Republic, Alexander Grigoryevich and Margarita Egorovna Starikov, celebrated the 67th anniversary of their life together. The total length of service of the couple in the Fire Department is also 67 years. Alexander Starikov turned 92 on July 7. Margarita Starikova received an offer to get married at the first meeting. The couple raised a son, they have a grandson and granddaughter, 2 great-grandchildren.

For all families who decided to bond their relationship with “flame and smoke,” Birobidzhan firefighters dedicated a special project. They organized an immersion in the profession for their wives. “Of course, we talk and tell our soul mates about the features of the Fire Department, but as they say, it’s better to see once than hear 100 times,” the head of the Fire Guard Sergey Toropkin says. During the event, the female fire brigade was dressed in full uniform and sent to a heat chamber - the best simulator for practicing rescue skills from apartments. After completing all the tests, the wives realized the complexity of the firefighter.

Evgeny and Veronika Semenovs from EMERCOM of Russia from Bashkortostan met when they were cadets at the St. Petersburg State Fire Service Department. Since then, they have not parted. “Not a day at work is complete without worries, especially when you receive a message about a fire in the exit area where the husband works,” Veronika Semenova shared.

In Kemerovo, a strong family of EMERCOM employees was formed in the fire laboratory more than 13 years ago. Alexey Proskuryakov and Elena Semenova worked side by side, and today they are raising two daughters. “Experience in the “disturbing” Ministry helps: there is no need to explain to the “second half ” why they raised the alarm at night and urgently need to come to work. If necessary, we can always consult each other in the field of our competence, share knowledge and experience, ” Alexey Proskuryakov shared

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