16:20, July 08, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia is ready to provide measures for the development of the Arctic territories and safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route

On July 7, under the chairmanship of the head of the Department, Evgeniy Zinichev, a board meeting of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was held.

In the videoconference, the meeting was attended by the heads of structural units of the Central Office of the Ministry, territorial bodies and organizations of the Department.

Opening the meeting, Evgeniy Zinichev noted the importance of the prospects for the development of forces and means of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies in the Arctic as a special territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, he noted that a register of forces and assets belonging to departments and organizations operating within the Arctic Region is needed. At the same time, coordination on liquidation of the consequences of emergencies, search and rescue of people should be carried out by a single governing body - National Crisis Management Center of the EMERCOM of Russia.

The First Deputy Head of the Department Alexander Chupriyan reported on the main directions of development.

As noted, in the Arctic Region there are 7 Arctic integrated emergency rescue centers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, designed to search and rescue people at water bodies, in the forest-tundra, as well as to provide various assistance in emergency situations. Over the past three years, the Center specialists have been involved in rescue operations 6.3 thousand times. About 5 thousand people were rescued, including 528 children.

Also, to work in the Arctic, the Department has implemented a whole range of research and development activities. In particular, special models of fire-rescue equipment have been developed for operation in low temperatures.

The created grouping of forces and means of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia from 2011 to 2020 mainly covers the western part of the Arctic, which is the most developed. Currently, it is planned to actively develop its eastern part. This implies the provision of decent living conditions in these territories.

“The Arctic zone should be distinguished in a special way. The Department has identified priority areas for the development of forces and assets in the Arctic. This is, first of all, increasing the level of security of the local population, as well as creating conditions for the safe implementation of large economic and infrastructure projects in the Arctic zone of Russia,” the Minister of EMERCOM of Russia emphasized.

EMERCOM of Russia in cooperation with other federal executive bodies is ready to provide measures for safe navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. To achieve these goals, the agency is creating an integrated security system in the Arctic zone, including ground and aviation groups, as well as an experimental training ground for testing promising types of equipment, gear and technologies designed to operate at low temperatures.

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