15:22, May 22, 2020

A schoolboy from Birobidzhan rescued three adults from a burning house

In the small village of Birofeld, Jewish Autonomous Region, a sixteen-year-old boy, Alexander Komplektov, risking his life pulled three adults from a burning apartment.

Late in the evening, the EMERCOM Main for the Jewish Autonomous District received a message about a fire in a two-apartment residential building. Fire-rescue crews were immediately sent to the scene.

The entrance to the house was enveloped in flames and the fire quickly spread to the roof. At that moment, ninth-grader Sasha was nearby. Knowing that there could be people inside, he broke the window and climbed inside. Three adults were sleeping in one of the rooms. The schoolboy woke them up and helped them out of the burning house. A woman and two men were saved.

 Firefighters Quickly arrived and eliminated a fire.

The General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Jewish Autonomous Region prepared documents to encourage Alexander Komplektov. The young man is a resident of Birobidzhan, a student of School No. 6. In the village of Birofeld, he was visiting relatives.

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