09:32, May 22, 2020

Since the beginning of the year 65 operational divisions of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units of the EMERCOM of Russia have been created

More than 360 specialists joined the ranks of rescuers EMERCOM of Russia. Since the beginning of this year, the forces of the Paramilitary Mine Rescue Units of the department (hereinafter referred to as the PMRU of the EMERCOM of Russia) accepted 90 new enterprises throughout the country for servicing.

Under the conditions of measures that impede the spread of a new coronavirus infection, the units of the PMRU of the EMERCOM of Russia continue to fulfill their mission and ensure the safety of mining facilities.

For example, in early April, in the city of Berezniki, Perm Territory, a new division of the Ural Paramilitary Mine Rescue Unit of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia was formed. It consists of 4 mine rescue and 4 gas rescue divisions, as well as a dispatching service and a test laboratory. The total number of units is 70 specialists and 3 pieces of equipment. The forces and means of the Mine Rescue Unit of the Department started servicing a large chemical enterprise, whose production facilities are located in the Perm Territory and the Murmansk Region. The tasks of departmental mine rescuers include the implementation of mining, gas rescue operations, as well as emergency rescue operations related to extinguishing fires.

At the end of May, the Paramilitary Mine Unit of the Rostov Region will begin mining rescue services for 5 production facilities for mining operations located in the Chukotka Autonomous District. Departmental mine rescuers will ensure safety at two gold-bearing mines and one quarry, as well as at a coal mine and a geological exploration site.

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