08:13, May 22, 2020

In the Murmansk Region, with the help of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia will build a modular field hospital with a capacity of up to 700 beds

A non-capital type hospital with a capacity of up to 700 people will be built in the near future in the Kola district, the Murmansk region to provide high-quality medical care to patients with a new coronavirus infection.

The relevant instructions were given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Government of the Russian Federation.

During the construction of a quick-built hospital, the requirements for the device and mode of operation of the infectious inpatient facility will be met, and a flow-through system for receiving patients will be provided.

The hospital will consist of several blocks: an intensive care unit and an intensive care unit with permanent medical staff, as well as a general treatment ward. In addition, there will be blocks for receiving patients and accommodating medical personnel, and other support units. The construction period will be about two weeks.

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