08:01, May 22, 2020

Pyrotechnics of the Leader Center pulled out Katyusha rocket of the ground at a site of a resident of the Moscow Region

On May 21, the pyrotechnic team of the Leader Center for High Risk Rescue Operations was used to extract an explosive object at the site of a resident of the village of Fedurnovo in the Balashikha district, the Moscow Region.

In a private plot in the private sector, a suspicious object was detected while excavating under the pool. The landlord immediately called in specialized services.

Specialists of the Leader Center arrived promptly at the place. Pyrotechnic team under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Zoffka started to work.

Pyrotechnics identified a dangerous find that has been preserved since the Great Patriotic War - the M-20 missile to the BM-13 rocket launcher (Katyusha).

According to the rescuers, the dangerous object was in working condition and could detonate at any time.

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