17:28, May 21, 2020

Khabarovsk Aviation Rescue Center EMERCOM of Russia conducted a fire extinguishing training (video)

On May 20, in the Khabarovsk Region, the annual training of the flight personnel of the Khabarovsk Aviation Rescue Center of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia on developing skills to extinguish large-scale man-made and landscape fires was held. They were attended by crews of MI-8 and MI-26 helicopters, as well as the BE-200CHS amphibious aircraft.

During flights, the crews of aircraft MI-8 and MI-26 honed their skills in working with external sling, and then with a spillway device. Aviators practiced not only the water intake in the river and the lifting of heavy weights in a changing landscape and weather, but the accuracy of discharges of water to a source of ignition.

Trained and flight crews on two aircraft BE-200CHS. Landing and take-offs were made, the mechanism of water intake and discharge to a conventional fire site was developed. In addition, while in the air, commanders received instructions on the occurrence of emergency situations on board.

A mandatory step in preparing these aircraft for intended use after a long winter period is to fly and land on water in order to check for leaks. The main feature of these aircraft is that they are amphibious aircraft. They perform landing on water, both for water intake and for landing rescuers. After landing on the water, they actually become a sea or river vessel. For example, anchor and lights typical for water transport. Conventional aircraft do not have.

The crews of the MI-8 helicopter made 5 discharges of water with a volume of 15 tons. The Mi-26 collected and emptied the spillway 8 times, dropping 80 tons of water to a conventional fire source. In total, two BE-200CHS made 9 landings on water, 21 discharges of water with a total volume of 98 tons.

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