11:06, May 21, 2020

The head of EMERCOM of Russia Evgeniy Zinichev assessed the fire and flood situation in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District

On May 21, in Vladivostok, the Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Zinichev held a field coordination meeting on the preparedness of the forces and means of the Unified State System of Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations of the Primorsky, Khabarovsk Territories and the Jewish Autonomous District for the flood and fire season.

The event was attended by the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako, the head of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal and the acting head of the Governor of the Jewish Autonomous District Rostislav Goldstein via video conferencing.

During the meeting, the positive tendency of measures taken to curb the forest fire situation were noted. So, in the Primorsky Territory, 184 forest fires have been registered since the beginning of the year, which is 406 cases less than the same period last year. 295 forest fires were registered in the Khabarovsk Territory, which is 87 cases less than the same period last year. In the JAD, there are 93 natural fires, which is 7% lower. Transition to settlements is not allowed.

“Despite the noted positive dynamics, it is necessary to continue preventive work with the local residents : to inform about the  prohibitions and restrictions, as well as to clarify the degree of responsibility for the violations of fire safety rules. According to statistics, natural fires occur mainly in the area of human economic activity, in the immediate vicinity of settlements,” the Russian Emergencies Minister emphasized. 

For the timely detection and elimination of natural fires on the territory of three regions, a group of forces and assets with a total number of more than 17 thousand people and about 3 thousand pieces of equipment is provided. To cover settlements with a population of less than 50 people, mobile and airmobile groups have been formed. Organized work on continuous monitoring of the fire hazard in the regions, including with the help of aviation. In the activities of the leadership of the municipal districts and the Unified Duty Dispatch Service, the mobile application of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia “Thermal Points” is actively used.

During the meeting, participants also discussed the current flood situation on the rivers of three regions. According to experts, the situation is favorable. There are no threats of flooding of settlements. The flood situation on the rivers is stable, there are no significant changes in water levels.

However, an analysis of the hydrometeorological situation and the results of long-term observations show that the threat of flooding of territories in the regions may arise due to cyclones in the summer-autumn period. Constant monitoring of the hydrological situation is carried out, stocks of material resources are formed, a examination of hydraulic protective and culverts, flood hazardous coastal areas is carried out. More than 770 temporary accommodation centers with a capacity of more than 106 thousand people are ready.

“In addition to constantly informing citizens about the development of the flood, it is necessary to consolidate the interaction between the forces of the Unified State System of Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations and the possibility of their relocation if necessary. When planning possible evacuation measures and placing people in TACs, disinfection and personal protective equipment should be provided taking into account the current epidemiological situation,” E. Zinichev said.

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