19:30:52, March 26, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia will deliver 20 sets of water-filled dams to Altai Territory

On March 29, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia will deliver cargo intended to protect the population and economic facilities of the Altai Territory from spring flooding. 20 sets of water-filled dams with a total length of 2 thousand meters will be sent to the region. From one set, you can quickly equip a water filling dam with a length of about 100 meters. 

In addition, three unmanned aerial vehicles of the Centrospas Airmobile Rescue Unit (2 vehicles of helicopter type and 1 vehicle of airplane type) will be delivered by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. To accompany the equipment, an operational group will be sent from the employees of the National Crisis Management Center of the EMERCOM of Russia conduct territory reconnaissance, draw up ortho-photo plans and train personnel. 

"The advantage of unmanned vehicles is that in a short time it is possible to survey large areas, quickly get information about the current situation on rivers and nearby territories, conduct analysis, model possible developments, make operational management decisions, timely informing the population and authorities in order to avoid negative consequences," the EMERCOM of Russia noted.

Currently, specialists of the EMERCOM of Russia and all interacting services and structures are carrying out a whole range of measures to prevent flooding of settlements. Given the fact that the current winter in the Altai Territory was quite snowy, experts expect a large amount of spring water to pass through. Therefore, active construction of bank protection dams, sawing and blackening of ice, demolition, snow removal, dumping of low-lying areas, clearing storm drains, laying and cleaning of drainage channels are underway. 

Thus, the preparation for the spring flood is in full swing. Accident-free passage of flood waters and minimizing the consequences of flooding is the priority task of all parts of the territorial subsystem of the regional emergency management system.

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