09:38, March 25, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia continues to work on the timely withdrawal of ice crossings and winter roads

On the territory of the Russian Federation, due to the unstable temperature, ice crossings and winter roads are being actively closed. The work of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is organized jointly with representatives of local governments, the police and All-Russian Society for Rescue on the Waters.

According to the forecast of Roshydromet, in the second half of March and in April, the ice in most rivers in the country will completely melt. In March and April, most of the country will have daily temperatures above 0.

EMERCOM of Russia focuses on the fact that in conditions of sharply changing temperatures, going out on the ice is especially dangerous, can lead to death, as well as damage to property. You must strictly follow the rules of behavior in reservoirs, be extremely careful and attentive, and do not allow children to go to the reservoirs.

Taking into account forecasts, the EMERCOM of Russia continues round-the-clock monitoring of the hydrological situation and preventive work among the population on the rules of behavior on water bodies, compliance with safety measures and first aid.

Currently, 786 ice crossings and 143 winter roads are still functioning, 215 ice crossings and 32 winter roads from those opened earlier have been closed. Most of them were located in the Central district, the Ural, and Northwestern Federal districts. Ice crossings were actively closed in March in the Kemerovo Region, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, and the Komi Republic. The work on the timely withdrawal of the ice crossings and winter roads from the exploitation continues.

Information about winter roads and ice crossings can be clarified in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Russian Federation.

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