16:02:23, March 23, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia organized the life support of the people on the flooded territories of the Volga and in Central districts of Russia

To date, 46 household plots, 19 low-water bridges, and three road sections have been flooded in 8 regions of the Volga and Central Federal Districts, as a result 14 settlements were cut off. The problems of life support of the population have been solved, modeling of the development of the situation is carried out, the information is timely brought to management bodies of all levels. Flooding is associated with the passage of spring floods. On March 23, this was reported at a weekly conference call led by First Deputy Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan.

EMERCOM of Russia specialists continue to assist fishermen who find themselves on ice blocks torn off the coast: 40 people were brought ashore in the Vologda and Yaroslavl regions. The seasonal risks also include failures of people and equipment under the ice - over the past week this happened in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Republic of Tatarstan. In total, 13 incidents were recorded at water bodies during the reporting period.

In the aftermath of the accident, fire and rescue units rescued more than 1000 people, including 98 children.

Over the reporting period, more than 8.7 thousand man-made fires occurred, in 348 of which voluntary fire brigades took part in extiguishing. One of the major fires with an area of ​​33 thousand m² was in Dmitrov city near Moscow. Three helicopters and two fire trains were involved to extinguish it.

Natural fires occurred on the territory of 6 subjects of the Far Eastern, Southern and Central Federal districts. Extinguishing of three foci in the Khabarovsk and Transbaikal territories continues. Counter fire of dry grass in Khakassia led to a fire in two non-residential buildings.

The power supply was restored in full in 36 settlements of the Irkutsk and Sakhalin regions, disrupted as a result of the passage of a complex of adverse weather phenomena. Life support and public awareness is carried out in the Chukotka Autonomous Region, the Murmansk and Saratov regions, where traffic restrictions on 5 road sections are also preserved due to difficult weather conditions. Also, over the past week 60 snow avalanches have descended in Russia, 13 of them were artificially released.

During the reporting period, 37 accidents occurred on communal life support systems. A 5% decrease in the number of accidents compared to the same period last year was noted.

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