12:04:31, March 23, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia prepared amendments to the regulations on Federal State Fire Supervision

The prepared draft of the corresponding decree of the Government of the Russian Federation defines the criteria and procedure for assigning objects to a certain risk category.

The new model for assigning protection objects to risk categories was prepared with the participation of experts from the Forum Analytical Center and the state development Corporation “вэб.рф». It takes into account international experience in fire risk management, as well as the concept of a risk-based approach provided for in the prospective draft law "On State Control (supervision) and Municipal Control in the Russian Federation".

The model is based on the calculation of the expected fire risk for a group of objects of protection, homogeneous by economic activity and classes of functional fire hazard and indicators of the severity of the potential negative impacts of fires carried out by EMERCOM of Russia on the basis of data contained in the Unified State System of Statistical Registration of Fires and their Consequences.

In order to assign protection objects to a certain risk category, or to make a decision to change the risk category previously assigned to the object of protection, the local fire supervision bodies the index of individualization of the controlled person (the personal index) is determined.

It is calculated on the basis of available data which contains the individual characteristics of the object that affect its state of fire safety, as well as information about integrity, which characterizes the probability of non-compliance with fire safety requirements at the object of protection. It also provides for accounting for the implementation of an independent fire risk assessment at the protection facility, as well as the possibility of providing access to the control and supervisory authority to the information resources of the controlled entity, etc.

This model of fire risk management will allow you to individually determine the frequency of control and supervision activities, and accordingly, reduce the unreasonable administrative burden on bona fide control objects. Property owners will be able to independently assess the legality of assigning buildings and structures to the appropriate risk category.

The draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "On Amendments to the Regulations on Federal State Fire Supervision" is undergoing public discussion on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts (regulation.gov.ru).

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