10:00:43, February 25, 2020

The Head of EMERCOM of Russia Evgeniy Zinichev checked the readiness of the forces and resources of the Unified State System of Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk Region for the flood and fire danger season in the region

On February 25, the Minister of EMERCOM of Russia Evgeniy Zinichev arrived on a working visit to the Irkutsk Region. During the working trip, he assessed the readiness of forces and resources of the forest complex units of the Irkutsk Region involved in extinguishing wildfires in the Baikal Region, and also visited the Irkutsk base of aviation forest protection.

At the end of the visit Evgeniy Zinichev held a coordination meeting in the Government of the Irkutsk Region. Igor Kobzev, Acting Governor of the Irkutsk Region, took part in it.

During the meeting, participants discussed the readiness of the Baikal Region for the flood season and fire season. In particular, issues related to the preparation technology of the Ministry of Forest Complex, forest fires and possible inclusion in the reserve of aviation of the EMERCOM of Russia.

Evgeniy Zinichev instructed local authorities to carry out a set of preventive measures to implement fire safety measures in settlements of the Irkutsk Region where the threat of forest fires may be.

"In order to prevent emergencies and fires, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of localities," the Minister said. - Reducing the number of incidents in the Irkutsk Region, both natural and man-made, as well as increasing the level of response to them should be the result of a general purposeful work."

During the meeting, the Head of the EMERCOM of Russia paid special attention to improving the work of logging organizations. He noted that to ensure control over logging, the tenants should provide logging equipment with elements of GPS and GLONASS systems, which will allow tracking illegal logging.

In the meeting it was also paid attention to problematic issues related to the readiness of management bodies to respond to possible emergencies during spring floods. Evgeniy Zinichev instructed to work out and use, if it’s necessary, all possible ways to alert the population.

"The population should know the real picture of the current situation and be able to make a decision in advance on the evacuation and rescue of property. During spring floods, summer floods, and during the entire fire danger period, space monitoring will function, which will provide detailed information about the development of the situation in order to take the necessary measures. The necessary equipment for this Irkutsk Region will receive this spring," - said Evgeniy Zinichev.

In addition, the Minister drew the attention of the Hydrometeorology Center to equipping the hydro stations with appropriate sensors.

Assessment of the readiness of municipal territories to respond to possible emergencies is already underway in the region. The Acting Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev said about it. Temporary accommodation facilities are being prepared in settlements affected by the spring flood, and supplies of medicines and everything necessary for life support are being formed. A reserve of explosives has been created, and training of explosives experts is being conducted.

Igor Kobzev noted that preventive measures are planned in flood-prone areas, which will begin in the near future. Eight operational teams are scheduled to be on duty in these areas for continuous monitoring of the flood situation, rapid response, and management decision-making.

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