16:48:10, February 14, 2020

Rescue paratroopers EMERCOM of Russia began training

From 13 to 28 February, skydiving courses with parachute and with no parachute for the EMERCOM rescue units of are held at the landing site in Dobrynsky, the Suzdal district, the Vladimir Region. 

86 rescuers from 6 divisions of the Department participate in training descents: the special operations center of special risk "Leader", the Zhukovsky aviation and rescue center, the" Centrospas " Detachment, as well as the Noginsk, Tula and Volga rescue centers.

Skydiving is performed on Wings Complete Parachute System from a height of 1.2 thousand meters. They are preceded by two weeks of training and an exam.

For non-parachute jumps, trigger roller devices are used. The non-parachute landing method is used in hard-to-reach areas for cargo delivery, in particular rescue equipment, and dog handler descents.

In total, more than 150 jumps and 2 cargo drops were made during the first 2 days of training. Training descents of cynologists of the Leader Center with four-legged assistants are planned next week.

It is the first such session this year. 4 such trainings are held annually.

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