11:35, February 13, 2020

EMERCOM of Russia implements a practice-oriented approach in departmental universities

In 2019, 6 universities of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia prepared 2872 specialists.

Every year, the Ministry increases the number of higher education programs being implemented. So, in 2020, the recruitment of cadets and students will take place in 14 specialties and areas. For comparison, there were 9 of them in 2017. Today, the EMERCOM universities are an integral part of the Russian higher education system.

Since the beginning of the academic year, a practice-oriented approach to training cadets in the main areas has been introduced in all EMERCOM universities in Russia. For future specialists in the field of technosphere and fire safety, the number of practical training has been increased. During the first two years of training, all students will get the specializations "Fireman" and "Lifeguard". Specialists of the EMERCOM's responding units with extensive practical experience are involved in the educational process.

In addition, it is planned to improve the educational and laboratory and material and technical bases of the Department's educational institutions, as well as create a unified network of educational and scientific space in the field of security.

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