16:36:41, February 12, 2020

Kurgan firefighters conducted exercises at a dairy enterprise

On February 12, 2020, employees of the Kurgan Fire and Rescue Garrison competently and coherently localized a fire in one of the buildings of the dairy production enterprise.

According to legend, at 10 o'clock in the morning, as a result of a short circuit in the electrical panel, a fire occurred in the locksmith's workshop, and an alarm went off. The flame instantly spread across the wooden partitions. The total area of the fire was 100 m2. The shift supervisor of the object informed about the fire calling by the phone "01". Workers evacuated quickly and organized, and without panic.

Due to the toxic, dense smoke, initial actions to extinguish the fire did not lead to a positive result. In a matter of minutes, acrid smoke covered the second floor of the building, where there was one person who failed to evacuate on their own in time. The gas-smoke protection service found the victim and put on him a rescuer mask and brought him out to the fresh air. The citizen was immediately assisted by medical workers.

Firefighters clearly and smoothly performed their tasks: laid main lines, extinguished the conditional fire and protected from fire explosive equipment in the adjacent room, as well as the roof of the building. The fire at the enterprise was quickly liquidated.

In addition to checking the level of their professional training, the garrison employees worked out issues of effective interaction with representatives of the facility administration, emergency medical services and the police.

 A total of 36 personnel and 8 pieces of equipment were involved in the training.

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