14:43, January 13, 2020

On New Year's Eve, the EMERCOM units of Russia worked in accelerated regime

On January 13, a weekly conference call was held under the leadership of first Deputy Minister of Emergencies of Russia Alexander Chupriyan.

During the meeting, it was noted that the Department's specialists provided security during more than 48 thousand festive events.

In addition, the participants discussed the preparation of places for festive bathing on the Eve of the Epiphany. Places are chosen taking into account the wishes of the clergy and the requirements of safety experts on water bodies. Before preparing fonts, State Small Vessels inspectors measure the thickness of the ice and make recommendations about the number of citizens who can simultaneously be at the font and in it.

Places of organized bathing will be provided with special approaches, floorings on the ice and safe descents, places for heating and changing clothes. All equipped fonts will be patrolled by employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, police and traffic police, representatives of municipal administrations.

The Department recommends to use specially equipped fonts, which are approved by the commissions in the appropriate order.

Also at the operational meeting, it was noted that from January 1 to 12, Fire and Rescue units of the Ministry of Emergencies responded to more than 2,700 accidents, where more than 2,400 people were rescued, including 156 children.

The Department's rescuers ensured the safety of more than 200 tourist groups with a total number of more than 2,500 people in 34 regions of the Russian Federation.

In addition, 26 people were rescued during search and rescue operations, 13 seriously ill patients were taken to medical institutions by the Ministry of Emergencies, pyrotechnic units of the Department found and defused 76 explosive items, including 11 air bombs.

More than 7,400 man-made fires were registered, 422 of which were extinguished with the participation of volunteer fire brigades. Over the past period, 48 accidents occurred on communal life-support systems, which is 11% less at the same period last year.

On the territory of seven subjects of the Far Eastern, Siberian, Volga, southern and Northwestern Federal districts, restrictions were imposed on traffic on 12 road sections for preventive purposes. The restrictions have now been lifted.

To date, 102 winter roads and 582 ice crossings have been monitored.

The Ministry continues to work on clarifying the forces and means of the Unified State System of Prevention and Liquidation of Emergency Situations, as well as making forecasts and plans for accident-free passage of the spring flood and for the fire-dangerous period. Special attention is paid to the involvement of aviation and crew training.

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