14:57, January 12, 2020

Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies of Stavropol held events to prevent fires and deaths

The management of the 5th Detachment of the Federal Fire service, together with the Head of the Supervision Department of the Petrovsky Municipal district and Grachevsky district held a "Single Day of Safety" on the territory under its jurisdiction.

Specialists of the Emergency Department visited large families, families in difficult situations, single and elderly citizens.

The main purpose of the event is to prevent fires and deaths.

During the checks in the households, the EMERCOM of Russia employees paid special attention to the serviceability and compliance with fire safety requirements for the installation and operation of furnaces, heating systems, power supply, electric heaters and other electrical appliances, handed over memos on compliance with fire safety requirements in everyday life.

In addition, rescuers reminded citizens of emergency phone numbers and the algorithm for calling the Fire Department, explained how to behave in the event of a fire. At the same time, special attention was paid to adults that they serve as an example for their children. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that matches and other flammable items or cigarettes do not fall into the hands of children. Inspectors note that such preventive measures significantly help to identify and timely eliminate violations of fire safety requirements, make parents think about the education of their children, give up harmful habits and create safe living conditions for children.

Residents are willing to talk with emergency workers, ask questions about measures to ensure fire safety of their homes.

It should be noted that such preventive measures to prevent fires in housing – an integral part of the work of emergency workers in each locality of Stavropol.

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