11:31:46, December 27, 2019


Today in our program:

In Moscow, on the Day of Rescuer, emergency workers, managers and veterans of the Ministry laid flowers at the monument to firefighters, rescuers and veterans of the Emergency Department.

Fire inspectors continue to raid places throughout the country where pyrotechnics are sold, and employees of the Test Fire Laboratory demonstrate what happens when you do not follow the safety rules when using fireworks.

In many regions of our country, a real frosty winter still does not come, which means that the ice on the reservoirs is not yet stronger and is a danger: employees of the The State Small Vessels Inspectorate strengthen preventive work.

On the New Year’s Eve and on the Day of the Rescuer the Demonstration Orchestra of the EMERCOM of Russia performed an incendiary program at the capital's airports

All this and much more in the final news release of the EMERCOM of Russia.

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