72nd Central Hospital of the EMERCOM of Russia

The Federal State Public Healthcare Enterprise 72nd Central Hospital of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is the multi-field hospital, which has following departments:

- Therapeutics (2)

- Dental Department

- Surgery Department

- Medical Department (Address: 3 Teatralny Proyezd)

- Medical Department (day-patient treatment for 10 people)

- Ultrasonic Examination Department

- X-ray Scanning Department

- Rehabilitation Medicine Department

- Laboratory Examination Department

- Hospitalization and Home Care for Adult Population Department

- Functional Diagnosis Department

- Medical Insurance Department


- Urological Office

- Otolaryngological Office

- Gynecological Office

- Neurological Office

- Dermavenerological Office

- Endoscopy Office

- Ophthalmological Office

The highly-qualified staff of the hospital uses the most advanced equipment and uses the most innovative technologies.

The 72th Central Hospital of the Emergencies Ministry in the first place is responsible for the employees of the Emergencies Ministry. The patients are received in accordance with compulsory and voluntary insurance systems, the Hospital also provides paid medical services.

Office hours: 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM on weekdays.