Under Russian Emergencies Ministry's control

13 March 08:00

Under Russian Emergencies Ministry's control


As of 06:00 AM, Moscow time, 13.03.2018

Over the past 24 hours the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry organized work to ensure functioning of control bodies, managing their forces and facilities as part of crisis management system on all the levels of the Single State Disaster Management System.

Work was organized to put out 283 man-caused fires, respond to 137 traffic accidents and 1 accident on waterways, find and defuse 3 explosive devices, provide psychological aid on 4 occasions.

Measures were taken to mitigate:

-          Avalanches in Tlyarata and Tsunta Districts in Dagestan;

-          A fire in a house in the settlement of Eldikan, Ust-Maya District, Sakha Republic (Yakutia);

-          A disruption in heat supply in the town of Kirov.

Under control:

A medical evacuation of seriously-ill people from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow and Saint Petersburg;

Relief operation after an avalanche in Rutul District, Dagestan;

Relief operation after derailment of fright cars in Mansky District, Krasnoyarsk Territory;

Relief operation after a gas explosion in a flat on the fifth floor of a 5-floor house in the city of Krasnodar;

Provision of all-round assistance and support to relatives of the killed in plane crash in Moscow Region;

Situation on the Military Georgian Motorway in North Ossetia-Alania and on regional motorway linking Aktash and Ulagan in the Altai Republic;

Monitoring of air in the city of Moscow and Moscow Region.

The information has been provided by the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry