Gas explosion in Omsk

12 January 18:40

Gas explosion in Omsk

A gas explosion, followed by a fire on 50 square meters of area, happened on a second floor of a five-storey house, located at 9 5th Kordnaya Street at 05:00 PM (Moscow time) in the town of Omsk.

There are injured.

Emergencies Ministry’s fire and rescue divisions and other emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene to put the fire out and conduct emergency and rescue operations.

The Emergency Response Centers and task groups were deployed.

20 residents of the house were evacuated, they were provided with temporary shelter. All the affected people are provided with psychological and comprehensive aid.

Specialists with Struna mobile diagnostics complex have been dispatched to the scene to inspect structural soundness of the building.

The fire was taken under control.

More than 250 people and more than 50 units of equipment are working on site, reinforcements are on the way.

The Emergencies Ministry’s Omsk Region Directorate Help line – 8 (3912) 94-83-33.

The information has been provided by the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry