Under Russian Emergencies Ministry's control

05 August 2017 08:00

Under Russian Emergencies Ministry's control


As of 06:00 AM, Moscow time, 05.08.2017

Over the past 24 hours the NationalCrisisManagementCenter of the Russian Emergencies Ministry organized work to ensure functioning of control bodies, managing their forces and facilities as part of crisis management system on all the levels of the Single State Disaster Management System.

Work was organized to put out 271 man-caused fires, respond to 268 traffic accidents and 21 accidents on waterways, find and defuse 555 explosive devices, including 3 aerial bombs, provide psychological aid on 43 occasions.

Measures were taken to mitigate:

-                Air-gas mixture explosion in a café in Krasnoyarsk;

-                Traffic accident involving 2 cars in Makhachkala Urban Area, Dagestan;

-                Derailing of empty freight cars in Chita District, TransbaikalianTerritory;

-                Cold water supply disruption in Khostinsky Distritc, Sochi, KrasnodarTerritory.

Under control:

Since 4 August – relief operations at a mine in the town of Mirny, Sakha (Yakutia);

Since 19 June – search and rescue operation on LakeLadoga in Karelia;

Response to cyclones in Russia;

Protection of settlements and businesses against wildfires.

The information has been provided by the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry