Daily forecast, 7 April 2018

The forecast of possible emergencies on 7 April 2018 is determined by 4 cyclones, 5 anticyclones and the effect of atmospheric fronts.

No emergency situations caused by dangerous weather are forecast.

Bad weather causes risks of broken power and communication lines, disruptions in normal functioning of the society and in the operation of all kinds of transport in Karelia, Vologda and Leningrad Regions.

There are high chances of higher water levels in rivers, flooding of low-lying areas, local roads, low-level bridges and ice jams in: south Siberian Federal District (Altai Republic, Khakassia, Tuva, Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, Kemerovo and Irkutsk Regions), south Far Eastern FD (Maritime Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, Sakhalin and Amur Regions, Jewish Autonomous Region), Voronezh, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Oryol, Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov Regions.

There is avalanche risk in North Ossetia Alania (Alagir District), Dagestan (Bezhta District, Tsunta District, Tlyarata District), Karachay-Cherkessia (Zelenchukskaya District, Karachayevsk Urban District), Kabardino-Balkaria (Elbrussky District), Krasnodar Territory (mountainous areas of Sochi).

There is a higher risk of fishermen and vehicles falling through thin ice at waterways in Buryatia (Lake Baikal, lake Gusinoye), Karelia (White Sea, Lake Onega, Lake Ladoga), Krasnoyarsk Territory (Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, reservoir of Beryozovskaya Heat Power Plant, Yenisei River), Transbaikalian Territory (Lakes Davatchan, Leprindokan, Bolshoi Namarkit, rivers Khilok and Ingoda), Arkhangelsk Region (Onega Bay, White Sea), Leningrad Region (Volkhov Bay Bay, Svir Bay, Petrokrepost Bay, Vyborg Bay, Luga Bay, Koporye Bay, Neva, Bay, Sestroretsk Sand Bar, Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga), Murmansk Region (Kandalaksha Bay), Novgorod Region (Lake Ilmen), Novosibirsk Region (Novosibirsk Reservoir)

The information is based on the data provided by the Antistikhia Center and The Russian Weather Service.