Summary of 04 July 2018


6:00 AM, Moscow time, 04.07.2018

Cyclone in Ulyanovsk Region

A cyclone has been bringing in rain and wind gusts up to 20 m/s in Ulyanovsk Region since 3 July 2018.

Power outages occurred in 10 settlements. Roofs of 6 two-storey houses were partially damagedin the settlement of Laishevka, Tsilninsky District.

As of 06:00 AM, 4 July 2018: power supply was fully restored, roofs are being repaired, fallen trees are being sawn and removed.

According to the forecast provided by the Antistikhia All-Russian Forecasting and Monitoring Center and the Russian Weather Agency, the cyclone will continue rendering influence over Volga area of the Russian Federation.

All the necessary measures to prevent and minimize the impact of the cyclone has been planned and are being carried out. The population is being updated on the situation.

65 people and 17 units of equipment, including 22 people and 7 units of equipment provided by the Russian Emergencies Ministry are dealing with the situation.

Latest data

Response to man-caused fires

Fire and rescue divisions have put out 252 fires, 165 of them in residential areas. 35 people have been affected, 30 of them have been saved.

Supervision bodies of the Emergencies Ministry Directorates for constituent territories of the Russian Federation are taking preventive measures to reduce the number of man-caused fires.

Accidents on bodies of water

Rescue divisions responded to 23 accidents. 23 people were affected, 1 of them was rescued.

Response by bomb disposal divisions

Bomb disposal divisions found 103 explosive devices, including 3 aerial bombs.

Traffic accident response

Fire and rescue teams were deployed 304 times to respond to traffic accidents. 376 people were injured, 242 of them were saved (extricated or saved from dangerous situations in other ways).

Situation at the facilities controlled by Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions

There were no accidents at the facilities controlled by Paramilitary Mine Rescue Divisions. Medical workers were dispatched to the facilities once.

Emergency psychological aid

Specialists of the Emergency Ministry psychological service have been involved in rendering emergency psychological aid to people affected by emergencies 6 times. Psychological support was provided on 15 occasions.