Summary of 11 September 2017


6:00 AM, Moscow time, 11.09.2017

Election day in Russia

The Managing bodies and constant-readiness forces of the Emergency Ministry were put on high alert from 9 AM 10 September to 9 AM 11 September 2017 to ensure readiness of forces and facilities to respond quickly to emergency situations that were possible during the election day.

The elections were finished at 10 PM, 10 September, no accidents were reported.

More than 270,000 people and 68,000 units of equipment, including more than 42,000 people and 9,000 units of equipment provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry, were dispatched to ensure safety at more than 37,800 polling stations.

Moscow Day celebration

More than 30,000 people and 3,000 units of equipment, including more than 400 and 30 units of equipment provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry were dispatched to ensure safety at more than 300 venues of Moscow day celebrations from 9 to 10 September 2017.

Latest data

Response to man-caused fires

Fire and rescue divisions have put out 325 fires, including 228 fires in residential blocks. 66 people have been affected, 41 of them have been saved.

Supervision bodies of the Emergencies Ministry Directorates for constituent territories of the Russian Federation are taking preventive measures to reduce the number of man-caused fires.

Protection of settlements and businesses against wildfires

75 aircraft, including 58 provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry, are on standby to protect settlements, fight wildfires, run air reconnaissance and redeploy forces, (833 flights, 3,689 discharges, 31 million 756 thousand liters of water dropped on wildfires; 1,736 flights to monitor the situation and redeploy personnel and 6,479 people were transported). Ground and air teams have prevented the spread of fires to 3,677 settlements.

An Emergency Ministry’s Beriyev Be-200ChS plane was deployed in Dagestan to fight wildfires. It made 1 flight, 5 discharges dropping 60 thousand liters of water (prevented fire from spreading to the settlement of Khoroda, Tlyarata District).

The situation is under constant satellite and air monitoring, development of the most dangerous fires is being modelled, UAVs are being actively used. Residential blocks and woods are being patrolled, the people are being kept updated on the situation and steps taken.

Accidents on waterways

Rescue units have been dispatched to respond to 2 accidents on waterways.

Response by bomb disposal divisions

Bomb disposal divisions have found and defused 177 explosive devices.

Traffic accident response

Fire and rescue teams have been deployed 322 times to respond totraffic accidents.

437 people have been injured in road traffic accidents, 276 of them have been saved (extricated or saved from dangerous situations in other ways).

Emergency psychological aid

Specialists of the Emergency Ministry psychological service have been involved in rendering emergency psychological aid to people affected by emergencies 6 times. Psychological aid has been provided on 27 occasions.