Maksim Vladimirovich Maksimenko

Director of the Department of Preparedness of Forces and Special Fire Prevention, Colonel of Internal Service

Mr. Maksimenko was born on 19 February 1977 in the city of Sverdlovsk.

In 1999 he graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs with honors, and in 2003 he graduated from the Ural Law Institute of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Mr. Maksimenko has been serving in the Russian Emergencies Ministry since 2002.

1999 – 2008 – served in special fire protection divisions, climbing his career from Senior Engineer – Head of On-Duty Shift of Special Fire Protection Unit to the Deputy Head of the Service and Training Office of the Special Department.

Mr. Maksimenko has been working in the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s Central Office since 2008 and served on various positions from Senior Inspector of an Office in the Department, up to the Deputy Director of the Department.

In accordance with the Order No.193 of the President of the Russian Federation of 03 May 2018, Mr. Maksimenko has been appointed to the position of the Director of Department of Preparedness of Forces and Special Fire Prevention.

He participated in numerous firefighting operations, relief operations in the Russian Federation and abroad.

He has been decorated with the 2nd Class Medal of the Order for Merit to the Fatherland, medals of federal executive authorities and the Russian Emergencies Ministry. He has qualification of a master.

Mr. Maksimenko is married and raises three children.