Organizations able to determine risk category in various types of inspections via online calculator rss

06 July 2018 15:48

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has developed a e-service that allows institutions and organizations to determine their risk category in 3 types of inspections, as well as schedule for inspections. Online calculator ( is available at the official web-site in Prevention and Supervisory Activities section (

Now legal entities or individual entrepreneurs that own an organization can look up the risk category of their facilities in 3 types of inspections: federal state fire inspection, state inspection in civil protection and federal state inspection in protection population and territories against emergency situation.

To determine the risk category, you have to answer several questions. For example, specify functional use, height of a building and how many people simultaneously staying inside.

Development of the service is conditioned by the increased number of applications to the Russian Emergencies Ministry, requiring providing information on risk categories: high, substantial, medium, moderate and low. Over the last year, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s territorial bodies received several thousand of such applications. There are about 3 million facilities in the Russian Federation that are protected by the Russian Emergencies Ministry. At the same time, there are more than 125,000 high-risk facilities.

Additionally, upon determination of the risk category, the online calculator offers to undergo a test for to safety compliance, regulations in fire safety, civil protection and protection of population and territories against emergency situations.