6 July – Day of creation of State Mines Rescue Service of Russia rss

06 July 2018 06:01
6 July – Day of creation of State Mines Rescue Service of Russia

Today is 96th anniversary of creation of the State Mines Rescue Service of Russia. It considered that the service was organized on 6 July 1922, when the  All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars issued a degree “On mines rescue and test efforts in RSFSR”. Back then, the mines rescue service was tasked to mitigate emergencies at mining facilities, render first aid to miners and employees of these facilities during emergencies.

Creation of such service significantly served a powerful stimulus to fast development of mines rescue in the country. A number of Paramilitary Mines Rescue Units (PMRU) significantly increased. All PMRUs were included into the Russian Emergencies Ministry in 2010. Today these units are highly-trained rescue professionals that have modern equipment at their disposal, ready to carry out operations on all kinds of industrial facilities.

PMR divisions in the Russian Emergencies Ministry consists of 16 regional paramilitary units, each consisting of 65 platoons, as well as one rapid response airmobile team of the National Mines Rescue Center, located in Novokuznetsk. The total strength of all divisions is 3,000 people.

Mines rescue divisions of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are located in 32 constituent entities of Russia.  More than 800 people go on duty every day.

Paramilitary Mines Rescue Divisions have responded to 230 emergencies since 2011, rendered medical aid to more than 2,700 miners, including 400 people that received medical aid underground.

During the last years, the Ministry’s mines rescue units were fully reequipped.

Mines Rescue Service of Russia is always on duty to protect miners and serves as a symbol of hope to those, who descend into mines every single day.