Polish tourists, rescued at Elbrus Mountain, thank Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists rss

04 July 2018 16:08
Polish tourists, rescued at Elbrus Mountain, thank Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has received a letter of gratitude to rescuers of Kabardino-Balkaria from the Embassy of Poland for aid provided during search of tourists at the Elbrus Mountain:

Consular Department of the Embassy of Poland in Moscow presents its compliments to the Russian Emergencies Ministry and expresses gratitude for render aid in search for Polish tourists at the Elbrus Mountain. We highly praise your professionalism, selflessness and fast search and rescue operation, which ended in a great success. On behalf of all families and friends of rescued tourists, we thank you and rescuers of the Elbrus Alpine Search and Rescue Unit”.

The rescue operation was carried out on 6 June 2018. An on-duty service received a message that an unregistered group of Polish tourists got lost in the mountains due to thick fog.

Rescuers from the Elbrus Alpine Search and Rescue Unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry were dispatched to help the tourists. They used a ratrack – a special tracked vehicle to get as high as 4,500 meters. Then they climbed up to 4,900 meters above sea level on foot and commenced search operation.

The search operation took five hours at night in low visibility conditions due to a blizzard, thick fog and strong cold wind. Search operation was a success: rescuers found two Polish tourists at a height of 4,700 meters above the sea level near the Pastukhov’s Rocks. Found mountaineers were very cold and confused, but fortunately they were not harmed. Rescuers gave them hot tea and delivered them to a Terskol Base. By that time, the tourists already felt betted and they didn’t require medical aid and they repeated in Russian: “Thank you, you saved us!”.

As of today, there are 74 tourist groups registered in Kabardino-Balkaria, which is almost 700 people, including 27 foreign groups, 170 people in total.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry strongly advises tourists and mountaineers to notify search and rescue services about your routes. This way, it easier for rescuers to keep communications with a group, inform the people about bad weather conditions and render aid if necessary.