Russian and Cuba to continue cooperation in emergency response rss

04 July 2018 15:00
Russian and Cuba to continue cooperation in emergency response

The Russian Emergencies Minister Yevgeniy Zinichev has carried out a working meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the Russian Federation Gerardo Pe?alver Portal on 4 July.

Improvement of cooperation in prevention and mitigation of emergency situations, protection of population and territories against disasters and emergencies, as well as joint efforts of our countries in international humanitarian response were discussed during the meeting.

Yevgeniy Zinichev pointed out that Russia and Cuba are tightly connected via fruitful cooperation. The Minister said that cooperation in monitoring and forecasting of emergencies, as well as data exchange between crisis management centers is a priority for international cooperation for the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

“We are ready to provide help to the National Civil Defense General Staff of Cuba to support monitoring, forecasting and prevention efforts, using capabilities of the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry”, stressed the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

During the meeting, parties also discusses one of the most topical issues for Latin American countries, which rises from global climate change – training of professional personnel in emergency response, protection of population and territories against natural disasters and emergencies.

Two specialized training courses for specialists of Latin American countries, featuring instructors from the Russian Emergencies Ministry, has been held twice in the Russian-Cuban Fire and Rescue Training Center. Specialists from Cuba, Venezuela, Salvador, Belize, Mexico were greatly interested in learning modern approaches to extricating people from traffic accidents, rubble and hard-to-reach areas.

The Ambassador Federation Gerardo Pe?alver Portal thanked the Russian Emergencies Ministry for contribution into training of Cuban specialists and pointed out good conditions for learning and accommodation for cadets.

“ We have visited the State Fire Service Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, where our cadets study right now, met with the management, professors and got to see training and learning bases of the University and we can state that Russian Emergencies Ministry’s Universities deserve a high praise”, pointed out Mr. Gerardo Pe?alver Portal.

The Russian Emergencies Minister also told the Cuban delegation that the Government of the Russian Federation also decided to prolong humanitarian assistance to Cuba in supporting the activities of the Russian-Cuban Fire and Rescue Training Center.

At the end of the meeting, the Cuban delegation went on a trip around the National Crisis Management Center and highly praised its capabilities in forecasting, prevention and modeling of emergency situations, as well as system that allows managing all fire and rescue divisions of the country.