25 years of round the clock operation (video) rss

01 July 2018 11:00
25 years of round the clock operation (video)

Today is 25th anniversary of the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, a unique facility in the world.

Throughout 25 years, the National Crisis Management Center has been improving response, interdepartmental cooperation and prevention of various emergencies and disasters, as well as decreasing the impact of risks.

More than 200 emergencies take place in the Russian Federation every year. And every single one of them is under control of the Center, while the Russian Emergencies Ministry coordinates actions of all interested services and agencies.

Round the clock specialists of the Center process large volumes of information coming from almost 2,500 on-duty services of executive authorities, local governments and organizations.

Technical capabilities of  the Center allow forecasting every emergency in real time. As of today, 180 information systems are efficiently used to create 3D visualizations of situations, which allows preventing dozens of emergencies every year. For example, such information system builds models of flood situation, using data gathered from monitoring, short and long term weather forecasts, as well as the lay of the land. The system automatically calculates the impact of floods, how many houses and people are located in the flood zone, and strength of personnel and equipment. necessary to organize preventive measures.

Alarming of the population about possible cataclysm is also a responsibility of the National Crisis Management Center. In case of unfavorable forecasts, the Center sends cell operators a message, which is then resent to all users within the emergency area.

A large number of tasks is soled through global navigational satellite systems and monitoring technologies, based on remote sensing of Earth. Center’s specialists gather information from 19 satellites, 8 of which belong by the Russian Federation and the rest 11 are international space systems. The Center’s on-duty shift gathers and processes more than 100 space images.

All the information gathered by National Crisis Management Center is used to draw up analytical information for the Government on emergencies and fires over the last 24 hours.


Today is 25th anniversary of the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry

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