Practice course for representatives of media held in Kursk rss

30 June 2018 16:38
Practice course for representatives of media held in Kursk

The Kursk Region Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the All-Russian Volunteer Firefighting Society has organized a practice course for journalists of Kursk, which has already became annual and gathers more and more participants every year.

The event consists of several complicated stages. All conditions are as close to live ones as possible and every second is precious.

The first stage was dedicated to putting on firefighters’ fatigues. Participants coped with the task with a “great” mark, though they were not as fast as professional firemen. At the second stage, participants had to put a fire out with a fire extinguisher. Several journalists already knew what to do due to monthly fire safety drills in their offices.

After that, participants had to run through a smoke screen and cross two obstacles on their way they imitated various barriers.

On the next stage, they had to connect a fire hose to a nozzle, while a fire hose had to be connected to a branching manifold. Then the journalists had to climb a fire ladder to the second floor of the building. According to the participants, this stage was the hardest: some of them were scared and some were already tired from previous exercises.

“This is a very complicated profession”, admits Yelizaveta Zglavutsa. “I could never imagined that a person can endure that: heavy clothes, equipment and its so hot in this. It is so hard, but at the same time very interesting!”

The Head of the Kursk Region Directorate Ivan Lunev at the end of the meeting pointed out that professionals complete this course in just several minutes. He also thanked journalists for positive thinking and daily efforts to cover firefighters’ work in media.

“Informing, propagating of knowledge in safety – this task is done on the highest level in our Region. Journalists of Kursk made a great contribution to this”, he concluded.

All participant received medals and certificates for successful completion of training program and great results during fire exercises.