Russian Emergencies Ministry’s employees actively participate in social events during Year of Safety Culture rss

30 June 2018 15:08
Russian Emergencies Ministry’s employees actively participate in social events during Year of Safety Culture

The most active specialists of the Ministry are participating in ecological, sports, international events, as well as events to boost safety culture among the population.

In the Komi Republic, employees of the local Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Center for the State Small Vessels Inspectorate and fire and rescue divisions joined the River Ribbon event, which is aimed to clear out banks of Sysola River. Participants of the event gathered several cars full of trash, which was left by those who came to relax here.

it is important that Ministry’s specialists organized interactive platforms on first aid, entertainment for children, as well as display of recue equipment for land and water.

Firefighters organized competition in deployment. They connected a motorized pump to a river and guests of the event could enter the role of a brave firefighter. Specialists of the State Small Vessels Inspectorate taught the residents of Syktyvkar how to use rescue equipment on water, such as life line, as well as Alexandrov’s Knot.The Safe Summer event was held in Kostroma Region to remind the younger generation in Elektronic Recreation Camp about safety rules.

Specialists of the local Directorate in cooperation with local volunteers of the Ministry of the Internal, the Russian National Guard held games, firefighting relay races and interactive programs. The children were taught how to properly use a fire extinguisher, how to properly call firefighters and rescuers via 01 or 101, 112 phone numbers. According to little boys and girls, these lessons are very useful, as they feel more confident and prepared for emergencies.

In Bryansk Region, rescuers tell people that they should never swim in unknown water bodies, swim beyond safety buoys and swim alone on air mattresses. The children were given an opportunity to participate in a firefighting relay race and a drawing competition, as well to see a UAV flight. Girls and boys examined fire and rescue equipment, fire engines and life vests, which are used by fire and rescue divisions.

At every event, children competed in agility and ability to use new knowledge in practice, receiving diplomas and prizes.