Experts and scientists of different countries discuss pressing problems of fire safety rss

08 June 13:00
Experts and scientists of different countries discuss pressing problems of fire safety

The 30th conference “Pressing problems of fire safety” has been held as part of the International Exhibition ISSE 2018. Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Pavel Baryshev welcomed participants of the conference – scientists, manufacturers of safety products. He pointed out that an important aspect of scientists’ job was further development of firefighting equipment and technologies.

The most important topics discussed at the conference included teaching people fire safety and actions in case of a fire. After “Basic state fire safety policy of the Russian Federation until 2030” was approved, this area has been made one of priorities. The participants discussed higher number of trainees and higher quality of teaching children, youth, working people and unemployed. The pre-school curriculum does not include getting young children familiar with fire safety. School children are taught fire safety as part of Basic Public and Personal Safety course. Lessons are prepared based on curriculum developed based on the basic life safety education standard, which states that children are got familiar with fire safety in primary and secondary school and have no such course in high school. This way, adult people have basic fire safety knowledge they acquired in 2nd – 5th grades. Furthermore, only 50% of basic public and personal safety textbooks have fire safety rules in them.

All this is the basis for revising the curriculum to make it more fire safety oriented.

The experts also talked about importance of working out concept of developing fire engines until 2030. The specialists believe that the current concept for improvement of fire engines and their operation in the Emergency Ministry’s state fire service approved by the Ministry’s order in December 2002 is no longer up to date. It requires to be improved considering modern fire safety requirements and intense traffic.

The project of the fire and rescue equipment development concept until 2030 is planned to be started to be developed this year. It should reflect the state strategy in improving technical level of fire and rescue divisions until 2030 and be aimed at determining ways to address tasks of the Emergency Ministry. The document will be worked out by employees of the Emergency Ministry’s All-Russian Fire Defense Research Institute taking into account proposals made by manufacturers of fire technical products and from firemen and rescuers who operate that equipment.

Additionally, the participants of the conference discussed such issues as state fire safety regulation, higher efficiency of wildfire suppression, including that using aircraft, assessing fire risks at production facilities, improvement of basic firefighting and rescue equipment and many others.