Emergency Minister Yevgeny Zinichev cancels Ministry’s order banning fire checks of medium size enterprises rss

08 June 14:47

Until now the Emergency Ministry had an order forbidding not only fire checks of SME, but also had a directive for Emergency Ministry’s inspectorates “not to include SME into annual plans of checks”. The Minister for Emergency Situations has cancelled the order of 12 September 2016 “On forbidding checks of SME”.

From now on, fire inspectors can include SME into the 2019 plans of inspections after it has been approved by the prosecutor’s office.

At present, the frequency of checks for high-risk buildings is once every 3 years, considerable-risk – once every 4 years, medium-risk – no oftener than once every 7 years, moderate-risk – no oftener than once every 10 years. No planned checks are run in the buildings of low-risk category.

The reason to include a planned check into the annual plan approved by the prosecutor’s office is expiration of the said time, the date the facility was put into operation, or the date of the last check.

This way, cancellation of the order will allow making a plan of inspections that falls in line with the federal legislation and guarantee timely detection of fire safety code violations at enterprises.