Russian Emergency Minister meets with ICDO Secretary General rss

06 June 20:31
Russian Emergency Minister meets with ICDO Secretary General

Russian Minister for Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev has held a working meeting with Secretary General of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) Vladimir Kuvshinov to discuss further development of strategic partnership between the Ministry and the ICDO.

The Minister congratulated Mr. Kuvshinov on having been reelected as the Secretary General of the ICDO for another 6 years.

He expressed confidence that today’s first meeting between the two officials would allow them to outline further practical steps for development of cooperation between the Emergency Ministry and the ICDO.

“As the only professional intergovernmental organization in the area of civil defense, the ICDO plays an important role in addressing strategic issues in protecting the world’s population from disasters and catastrophes,” Mr. Zinichev said and added that the Emergency Ministry would continue developing strategic partnership with the organization set out in the Framework Agreement between the RF Government and the ICDO.

The Minister also pointed out that an important priority in cooperating with the ICDO was higher potential and development of the International Monitoring and Coordination Center in Geneva.

“At present, the Center is going forward at a steady pace, it is becoming one of basic international centers for collecting, analyzing and sharing information on massive disasters, monitoring and forecasting emergency situations based on the latest geographic information technologies,” the Minister said adding that the Russian Emergency Ministry would keep on providing all-round support to the Center.

To conclude the meeting, the Mr. Zinichev expressed confidence that current plans and agreements would be implemented as well.

“We are actively adopting single methods of training civil defense specialists, consolidating international cooperation and exchange of best practices, working jointly to develop a single methodological basis in training civil defense specialists and working on other important areas of our cooperation,” he said.

Mr. Kuvshinov noted that the support provided to the ICDO by its member-states, would guarantee further successful and efficient efforts in protecting population and territories from emergency situations.