Emergency Minister Yevgeny Zinichev holds bilateral meetings with representatives of foreign emergency agencies rss

06 June 19:58
Emergency Minister Yevgeny Zinichev holds bilateral meetings with representatives of foreign emergency agencies

Russian Minister for Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev has held a number of bilateral meetings with foreign counterparts during the International Exhibition ISSE 2018. He met with heads of emergency services of Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

During his meeting with Emergency Minister of Armenia Grachya Rostomyan, Mr. Zinichev discussed stronger bilateral cooperation in emergency management. In the long run, the relationships between the two ministries provide for exchange of information and technologies, professional training of rescuers and developing a single approach to disaster response.

Mr. Zinichev noted that closer cooperation with the Armenian Emergency Ministry, developing contacts on all levels are of strategic importance for the two countries, including what concerns the world community.

The next international meeting the Russian Minister held was with Emergency Minister of Abkhazia Lev Kvitstiniya.

Mr. Zinichev thanked his Abkhazian counterpart for making time to take part in the 11th International Exhibition ISSE 2018.

The Emergencies Ministries of Russia and Abkhazia maintain close cooperation in the entire range of professional issues.

Mr. Zinichev stressed that cooperation with the Abkhazian rescue service has always been special for the Russian Emergency Ministry because of close friendly relationship between the two countries and because of a large number of Russian tourists visiting Abkhazia.

“Russian rescuers are always ready to help their Abkhazian colleagues. The Emergency Ministry of Russia remembers with gratitude how the Abkhazian Emergency Ministry let Russian rescuers who had put out massive fires in 2010 and residents of Krasnodar Territory affected by the 2012 devastating floods to rehabilitate on the Black Sea shore,” added the Russian Minister.

He also met with Alan Tadtayev, the Emergency Minister of South Ossetia.

In the first place, Mr. Zinichev congratulated Mr. Tadtayev on special rank of Major General of Internal Service.

During the talks, the Russian Minister said that relationships between Russia and South Ossetia are a strategic partnership. Assistance to development of South Ossetia, its stronger international positions and safety are one of Russian priorities.

“Rescue services of our countries are tied by strong friendship and the Russian Emergency Ministry intends to further develop it,” the Russian Emergency Minister said and added that following the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Emergency Ministry is now conducting a humanitarian demining operation in South Ossetia which will continue into 2019.