Chief Fire Inspector of Russian Federation Rinat Yenikeyev speaks out at VIII Saint Petersburg International Legal Forum rss

16 May 2018 16:37
Chief Fire Inspector of Russian Federation Rinat Yenikeyev speaks out at VIII Saint Petersburg International Legal Forum

The VIII Saint Petersburg International Legal Forum has started today. Every year, Saint Petersburg becomes a legal capital of the world: thousands of lawyers from all continents come here to discuss the most topical issues and exchange experience.

Representatives of the Russian Emergencies Ministry took part in the opening and plenary meeting of the Forum, in particular, the Director of the Supervisory and Preventive Efforts Department, the Chief Fire Inspector of the Russian Federation Rinat Yenikeyev. He told the audience about creation and development of comprehensive safety system.

“As of today, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has formulated the basic stages for implementation of the risk-oriented approach, and we’ve been working together with business communities, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Open Government”, pointed out Rinat Yenikeyev. He also reported that total inspections were abolished and more than 1,000,000 low-risk facilities were excluded from inspection schedules. At the same time, there will be no inspections in all small businesses. The major part of all inspections will be held at high-risk industrial facilities, critical, healthcare, education, social facilities and summer camps for children. This approach allowed decreasing the number of unscheduled inspections by 2.5 times.

According to Mr. Yenikeyev, a new system for assessment of inspection efficiency has been developed.

“The quality of inspections is assessed not by the number of drew up administrative protocols during the inspections, but by achievement of important results, such as the decrease in the number of killed and injured in emergencies and fires and material losses from them”, he pointed out. “List and values of indicators of the new system and monitoring mechanisms for their achievement are open for discussion”.

Additionally, the Ministry shifted from finding violations and imposing fines to partnership relations, based on prevention and motivation, consultation and training of personnel.

Every region implements prevention programs that feature local governments, prosecutors, Police, and non-government organizations. Inspectors are mainly working with residential areas. Inspectorates are actively working with organizations that provide comprehensive safety and security, homeowners’ associations that maintain houses. Also there are programs for working with children of different ages, considering peculiarities of their psychophysical development.

One of the most important documents for planning of these efforts is the departmental program to prevent risk of damaging values, protected by law for 2018-2020, which was approved by the business community and inspection reform committee on 24 April 2018. The program reflects all aspects of the Ministry’s activities and it is recommended to those executive authorities, that carry out inspections.

“Our Ministry is leading in transparency”, said Rinat Yenikeyev. “We have organized fruitful, mutually useful cooperation with entrepreneurs. All decisions, drafts of basic documents for inspections and preventions are undergoing expertise in the Public Business Council, the Russian Union of  Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Opora Rossii, the Business Russia Public Organization and other interested business communities. We are working problematic matters that arise in daily routine of business”.

The Chief Fire Inspector of the Russian Federation pointed out that the Ministry renders a wide range of services, based on automation of processes. A single inspection information environment is being created, which will allow feedback between inspectors and inspectees via “personal accounts”, new capabilities of online declaration and self-control of comprehensive safety are being set up. New programs for advanced personnel training, oriented on motivation to fulfill main tasks of the Ministry via preventive efforts are created within improvement of personnel management system. A set of legal and organizational measures, including more capabilities for internal and external control for actions of officials within anti-corruption management is being taken.

Rinat Yenikeyev assured that implementation of listed measures will increase efficiency of preventive efforts in inspectorates of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, as well as provide higher level of protection of population and territories against emergencies and fires.

Mr. Yenikeyev also drew attention of the audience to the fact that the number of emergencies that harm protected valuables is decreasing every year due to efforts of all elements of the single state disaster prevention and mitigation system.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s inspection system is developing together with the understanding of this profession in the society.

“In the next few years we will introduce new risk management system, improve legal framework for facilities with mass-presence of people that will include Russian Emergencies Ministry’s inspectorates during putting these facilities into operation”, concluded Rinat Yenikeyev.