Vladimir Puchkov: “All affected by flood in Yakutia to receive help” rss

14 May 12:55
Vladimir Puchkov: “All affected by flood in Yakutia to receive help”

The Acting Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has met with the residents of Amga District of Yakutia that has been hit the most by the flood.

Vladimir Puchkov thanked the residents of Yakutia for their courage and proper actions.

“An adverse emergency happened in Yakutia. But the most important of all that nobody died”, he said. According to him, the main task as of now is restoration of roads and power supply. The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s task force in Yakutia will be reinforced: additional fire engines and water pumps will be supplied to the region.

“Every affected person will receive aid from the federal budget and reserve fund of the Russian Federation. Lump-sum compensations of 10,000 rubles, as well as compensations of 50,000 rubles for partially lost property and 100,000 rubles for all lost property”, said Vladimir Puchkov. He pointed out that additional measures will be taken to support large families, the elderly and those in difficult straits.

Vladimir Puchkov and the Head of the Republic Yegor Borisov checked the progression of emergency and rescue operations in hit settlements, where assessment teams have already started working.

He pointed out that those, who are registered at the place of residence will receive the aid automatically. For the rest, procedure for applying documents will be simplified. Vladimir Puchkov also drew attention to controlling food and necessity prices, as rise of these prices is not acceptable.

Vladimir Puchkov also said that flood peak is expected in Yakutsk and measures are taken to protect important facilities from the flood.