Preliminary results of fire inspections in facilities with mass presence of people summarized rss

11 May 13:06
Preliminary results of fire inspections in facilities with mass presence of people summarized

Specialists of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Prosecutor’s General Office have inspected more than 50,000 facilities with massive presence of people, which is just one third of the planned number. More than 150 malls and cinema halls will be suspended due to found violations.

Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists found more than 220,000 violations of fire safety regulations during the inspections. Administrative enforcement is used to restrain violations: 326 cases are sent to courts to suspend activities of facilities. 154 facilities, children’s playrooms and cinema halls have been already suspended.

84,000 facilities will be inspected in total, including more than 10,500 malls. As of today, more than 54,000 buildings were inspected and half of them, which is 27,000 buildings, have violations in fire safety regulations.

The most widespread problems are – poor condition of escape routs and fire exits, non-functioning fire alarms, alarming systems, automated fire suppression systems and anti-smoke ventilation. Most of the buildings do not have primary fire fighting equipment and staff is not trained to act in fires.

More than 30,000 violations have been remedied. Inspectors issued instructions on remedy of other violations and set control over their fulfillment. Heads of facilities are provided full methodological aid. In particular, more than 40,000 fire safety instructions with staff were carried out, more than 28,000 drills to evacuate people, featuring fire and rescue garrisons were carried out. More than 700 recommendations were given to achieve necessary fire safety levels.

At the same time, more than 570 buildings have violations that require significant efforts to remedy them and only possible with the reconstruction of a building. More than 1,000 inspected buildings were converted from old factories and warehouses. Construction and reconstruction of 500 was carried out with violation of the legislation of Russia and without following to special technical requirements developed by the Russian Emergencies Ministry that reflect the specifics of fire protection of multifunctional facilities with complex layout designs.