Russian Emergencies Ministry proposes changing inspection rules for malls rss

11 May 11:45
Russian Emergencies Ministry proposes changing inspection rules for malls

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has developed a draft to change inspection rules for malls and other crowded facilities and to return issue of permits for construction to the State Fire Inspectorate.

Currently, the draft federal law and decree of the Government of the Russian Federation are being coordinated with the Prosecutor’s General Office of the Russian Federation, federal executive authorities and non-governmental organizations. In accordance with the established procedure, the documents will be reviewed in the Russian Government.

The draft contains several changes to enhance powers of the State Fire Inspectorate. In particular, it is proposed to fully inspect a building, instead of inspecting legal entities that use the building.

Main reasons that prevent carrying out inspections, which causes poor fire safety conditions of facilities, are changes to the names of legal entities, as well as fragmentation of larger businesses into small ones. Thus, these small businesses use simplified taxation systems, smaller taxable incomes and legal entities avoid inspections due to “inspection breaks”, granted to small businesses.

Additionally, scheduled inspections allow owners and renters to hide violations. Regarding that, it is proposed to set inspections for the whole facility, instead of organizations – legal entities and private entrepreneurs. At the same time, inspections must be carried without advance notice of proprietors.

It is also proposed to make inspections fore frequent. Inspections in malls must be carried out no less than once within two years. At the same time, the draft provides yearly preventive raids of such facilities by the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s facilities.

Quarterly fire safety drills for staff of such facilities, featuring specialists of the State Fire Inspectorate are proposed to be made mandatory.

More over, it is proposed to formalize in legislation participation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s inspectorates in expertise of design documentations for fire safety, issuing of permits for construction and putting in operation of crowded facilities, as well as licensing of activities for designing fire safety systems for buildings and structures. At the same time, inspectorates must be granted authorities for administrative suspension of activities of a legal entity if severe violations are found.