Congratulations of Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov on Fire Department Day rss

30 April 2018 01:00
Congratulations of Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov on Fire Department Day

Dear firefighters, colleagues and veterans!

I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday – Fire Department Day! Today we are celebrating those who are the first to come to the rescue and battle with ruthless fires!

Fires have always been a part of human life, this is why profession of a firefighter has always been needed. For over three centuries of Russian fire fighting those fearless people have made an example of impeccable professionalism and faithfulness to their homeland.

Courage and valor, readiness to rescue people from fires at any given moment are distinctive qualities of firefighters.

Our firefighters have accomplished a lot of feats. The fire department has never stopped working even in the hardest times the Russian Empire, Soviet Union or emerging Russia had.

During the Great Patriotic War fire crews side by side with soldiers of the Red Army protected the country, defending towns, villages and strategic facilities against air raids of enemy planes.

We all remember the feat of Soviet firefighters who gave their lives to prevent the Chernobyl accident from getting even worse and protected millions of citizens in the Soviet Union and Europe.

Importance and significance of the work done each day, each hour by firefighters is hard to overestimate. Thanks to their coherent and professional work, the situation with fires and their impact has been improving for the past several years. In 2017 alone, firefighters put out more than 130 thousand fires and rescued some 170 thousand people.

The Russian Emergency Ministry has new tasks today which require modern approaches to ensuring security.

“The basic state policy of the Russian Federation in fire safety until 2030” passed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in January 2018 defined missions in this area first time over 369 years.

The document will help to create conditions for improving firefighting technologies, developing specialized equipment using robotics, UAVs and modern gears.

The fire department keeps developing and improving dynamically. This is a powerful and efficient structure which has its own higher education institutions, system of training and retraining the staff, high-class professionals who accomplish a wide range of firefighting and rescue tasks under most complex conditions.

Employees of the State Fire Service have won well-deserved authority and recognition not only among the people of our country, their fellow firemen and residents of foreign countries with great gratitude remember assistance provided by Russian aircraft while fighting wildfires in Chile, Portugal, Israel and Armenia.

This year the Russian Emergency Ministry holds under special control fire security in the cities hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. I am sure that our teams will successfully cope with that.

Volunteer firefighters help very much to career firemen. They help ensure fire safety in remote and hard-to-reach settlements and put out each tenth fire in Russia.

I would like to say special thanks to our veterans, many of whom are still on service keeping best traditions of the fire and rescue brotherhood. Their invaluable experience and responsible attitude to any kind of work are an example for all employees of the Ministry and for the younger generation in the first place.

Today, we bow our heads and revere the memory of those who gave their lives to serve their homeland, to people whose courage and selflessness during fires and disasters rescued hundreds of human lives. Their feats will never be forgotten, while their names have gone down in the history of the fire department and the Emergency Ministry.

Dear colleagues! Thank you for your service, for quick response and tireless preventing efforts. I have no doubts that your professionalism and knowledge are going to guarantee reliable protection of citizens and territories of our country against fires and disasters.

On this day I wish you sound health, wellbeing and success in the hard work you do for the benefit of our country.

I wish you and your loved ones peace, health, optimism, I wish that all you want comes into life and of course dry hoses!