Moscow ready for wildfire season rss

28 April 16:21
Moscow ready for wildfire season

A wildfire suppression exercise has been held today in New Moscow.

The aim of the drill was practicing cooperation of all response divisions of the Moscow City Territoryal Subsystem of the Single State Disaster Management System and improving of skills in fighting wild fires in adjacent areas of the capital and the region.

In accordance with the training scenario dry and hot weather has created conditions for emergence and quick spread of a wildfire on dry grass. A fire was started by casual handling of fire by some citizens relaxing in the wild. Dry grass quickly caught fire which then spread to summer cottages, plants and continued spreading to the village of Zybino. The blaze caused threat to houses and outhouses, power lines, a gas-distributing station and a power transformed.   

More than 200 people and 70 units of equipment were deployed to deal with the simulated fire.

The exercise also involved 6 helicopters owned by the Moscow Aerial Center and Angel, a volunteer helicopter SAR unit, a UAV, 2 power boats, 8 inflatable boats, a SAR dig team, as well as engineer and restoration equipment of the Moscow Municipal Services.