Emergency Ministry holds board meeting rss

27 April 2018 16:00
Emergency Ministry holds board meeting

A meeting of the Emergency Ministry’s board led by Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov has been held today to discuss a number of important matters.

Head of the Training Directorate Yuri Sedelnikov made a report on further improvement of training centers of federal fire service. He said that the Emergency Ministry currently has 20 such centers, which are 70% staffed making it possible to train specialists in accordance with the state task and indicators.

Mr. Sedelnikov noted that heads of Ministry’s territorial bodies were interested in making the number of trainees at such centers higher.

“The number of specialists taking advanced training due to new missions at the Emergency Ministry has grown by 13%,” he said.

5,823 people were trained at the centers in the 1st quarter of 2018. This allowed fulfilling the state task according to the schedule and equaled 21.1% of planned number of trainees.

“In general, the segment of training centers is proving stable, flexible, economically effective and ready to act,” Mr. Sedelnikov said and added that the training centers “successfully represent the Emergency Ministry at the regional market of educational services.”

In 2017, following the annual All-Russian contest of programs “100 best goods of Russia” the Omsk training center was named leader at educational services. The center also got a diploma of the contest in “Educating drivers transporting dangerous items”.

Mr. Sedelnikov also made an example of the Moscow training center which holds fire and rescue quests, while the Novosibirsk Region training center trains children aged between 4 and 16 in groups of Mental Arithmetic, Psychological Diagnosis and Developing Lessons, it also has courses for children with disabilities “WE are together!”. The Syktyvkar training center trains industrial alpinism of all kinds.

Acting director of the Department for Preparedness of Forces and Special Fire Service Maksim Maksimenko reported that the personnel were being supplied with uniforms and gears. He said that more than 1 billion rubles, which is 5% more than in 2017, was allocated and distributed among Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies, organizations and institutions in 2018.

“Analysis of information on purchasing of uniforms and gears in the 1st quarter 2018 shows that this work is in process in Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies, organizations and institutions,” Mr. Maksimenko said. However, he added that in there were faults in some regions connected with fixing primary maximum cost of a contract. In addition, he asked to pay special attention to supply of new uniforms and gears to the team deployed to ensure safety of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

“There should not be any complications here,” he concluded.

Mr. Puchkov said that the main criterion for purchasing gears should be quality-to-price ratio.

“We can’t seek low prices to the prejudice of quality, but this doesn’t mean that the prices should be inflated,” Mr. Puchkov said.