Emergency Ministry’s bomb disposal technicians demining New Moscow rss

25 April 2018 13:50

Employees of the Emergency Ministry’s Leader Center for high-risk rescue operations have started today to demine the settlement of Rogovskoye, Troitsk Administrative District in Moscow. 20 people and 5 units of equipment are going to spend a month clearing the area set aside for a historic complex that is going to recreate culture and way of life of several eras from the late Stone Age to the Great Patriotic War.

This is the sixth trip of Emergency Ministry’s workers to Rogovskoye. Over the past 5 years, the specialists have examined some 200 ha and found some 1,500 explosive devices in the future historic and cultural park in New Moscow, including shells of different calibers, antitank and mortar mines, hand and antipersonnel grenades and artillery detonating fuses.

It is the place where the first Moscow defense line was in 1941. Thanks to determination and heroism of Soviet soldiers the enemy was stopped and could not make it into the capital.

Besides the mine clearing operation the rescuers of the Leader Center are also going to work to patriotically educate school children from search squads of Moscow, Moscow Region and Kaluga Region who search for killed Red Army soldiers in the area.