Emergency Ministry rescuers testing new equipment and gears in Arctic rss

25 April 2018 10:40
Emergency Ministry rescuers testing new equipment and gears in Arctic

Rescuers of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations have tested new equipment and experimental gears in severe climate of the Arctic during a drill over the Polar circle practicing search-and-rescue operations.

According to the training scenario, a group of tourists failed to get into contact on the stipulated time. The rescuers knew the route, but the search operation was complicated by bad weather. The main rescuer operation involved 15 units of vehicles: KAMAZ rescue trucks, two TREKOL all-terrain vehicles, modern Russian-made snow mobiles which are perfect for moving over rugged terrain. All the vehicles had trailers for transporting the injured. In addition, each rescuer had special gears allowing them to work in low temperatures of up to – 50 degrees C.

During the drill the Emergency Ministry’s employees tested not only new equipment and gears, but practiced deployment of a camp in tundra, orientation using navigation devices, performing first aid and evacuation of an injured person from a scene.

The Emergency Ministry is building the integrated security system in a number of fields, including search and rescue operations, to ensure safe exploration of the Arctic and efficient implementation of economic projects. The team of forces is developing stage by stage and crisis management system is being improved. The Arctic is mostly prone to man-caused disasters: transport and technological accidents, disruptions in the operation of housing utilities and breaks of pipelines. However, recently accidents with fans of extreme activities have been happening more often: expeditions on skis and all-terrain vehicles, balloon flights, parachuting and sailing the Northern Sea Route.

Arctic drills have also been announced at Yamal, Chukchi Peninsula and Yakutia.