Educational videos planned to be shown before film shows in Stavropol Territory rss

13 April 2018 14:00
Educational videos planned to be shown before film shows in Stavropol Territory

An educational event under the motto “To demand something, you should know!” organized by fire inspectors has been held today in Stavropol Territory. Besides representatives of business community, the ones to be educated were Stavropol Territory Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights Kirill Kuzmin and executive director of office of Opora Rossii Vasily Grigoryev, while their teachers was deputy director of the Emergency Ministry’s Stavropol Territory Directorate Sergei Moskvitin.

One of the city’s cinemas was picked as a venue. The main objective of the event was to show on practice to representatives of the regional business community the minimum requirements to public buildings, including staff training.

At the cinema hall Mr. Moskvitin drew attention to fire escapes.

“This event is first of all aimed at making business community of the region understand one simple thing – that a fire inspector today is not an auditor, but a partner who teaches basic fire safety. We used this cinema, as a public building, to demonstrate the checking algorithm and the measures an inspector takes at such a building,” he said.

The master class was of great interest with participants making notes, asking questions and getting full answers to them.

“It is definitely a very useful event. It is obvious that it was not held just pro forma. Specialists of the Emergency Ministry very easily explained us what we should pay attention to at public buildings, what requirements are made and how inspections are run. I will be grateful to the administration of the regional Emergency Ministry if similar master classes are held everywhere in Stavropol Territory,” said Mr. Kuzmin.

Mr. Moskvitin assured representatives of the regional business community that the regional directorate of the Emergency Minsitry was working on this right now. Such master classes will be held everywhere in Stavropol Territory.

In addition to fire safety requirements, the directorate is also preparing special videos that will be shown before each film. They show what the audience of the cinema should do in case of a fire or other emergency.